Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I got a swimsuit for Hawaii! Land's End won't let me copy their picture, so I'll give you the link. I wound up getting this one not so much for its slenderizing properties, but because I thought the criss-cross back was cute and I liked the way the rouching in the front looked. Plus I love the color: teal blue.

The suit arrived last week and I tried it on Saturday, assessing myself from every angle in the full-length mirror. First off, Land's End is NOT KIDDING about the whole "control" thing. I wrestled the suit up and over my thighs. It was a bit of a struggle. But once it was on, it fit great. Actually, they have the same suit modeled at another place on their site by a super skinny model type with no discernible hips and, frankly, I think it looks better on me (you know, if you ignore the cellulite on my thighs). The suit really works for someone curvy, in my opinion.

I also like that the front isn't too low and it stays in place. Thus, I feel like I'll be able to snorkle in Hawaii without giving everyone a peep show.

I also ordered a tankini at the same time and learned that tankinis don't really work when your hips are a good 12 inches bigger than your waist. The pieces fit right up until the top hit the shelf that is my bum. Then it folded and bunched and looked horrible. Oh well. That one will be going back.

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