Thursday, April 01, 2010

Easter Eggs

This morning I had planned to go swimming for 40 minutes. Instead, I fell asleep with the beginnings of a migraine and woke up with the same migraine. Note to self: it's better to just take the two dollar migraine pill initially than to down 8 Excedrin migraine over the course of 16 hours in the hopes that maybe this time the Excedrin will do the trick.

Why did I have a migraine? Well, my right shoulder is doing its whole stiff thing again. That means it's time for a massage. I think I'll try to get one before we leave for Hawaii.

Also, last night we had an Easter activity at my house for the Young Women at church. Within the course of 24 hours, the activity switched from being at the church to my house and then went from 7 girls and two leaders to 4 girls and one leader (me!). Also, I had to go pick up all 4 girls and one of them wasn't there when I first got to her house and texted me 5 minutes after I drove away and told me she had fallen asleep and asked if I could still get her? Since she had been so excited to do this activity, I said sure and turned the car around.

Then we came to my house and dyed eggs and made little Easter baskets. Dinner for me was about 15 Reese's peanut butter eggs. Healthy! When I got home from dropping everyone off at 9:30, I had some chicken. But the sugar and the tension had done their trick and my head hurt.

Should have just taken the migraine pill. Then I would have gotten in a swim this morning. Oh well.

But, and here's the important part, I think the girls had fun.

Also, the two dozen hard boiled eggs in my fridge. Deviled eggs, anyone?

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