Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Shopping Bag Giveaway

Does anyone find it annoying when people blog about giveaways? I realize it's a plug for the company and all, but I happen to like this company, so here we are.

Mambo Sprouts is pretty cool because they have coupons for organic and other natural foods. I don't use many of their coupons because even though it's healthy food, it's still mainly processed food, and I generally don't use processed foods when I cook. But I support the idea and I diligently go through my Mambo Sprouts mailer to see if there's anything I can use.

(This is the problem with coupons in general. What we need are "Buy 1 apple, get 1 apple free" and similar coupons.)

Anyway, Mambo Sprouts is giving away some cute shopping bags if you pledge to give up plastic shopping bags. I already have a few reusable shopping bags and am trying to obtain a critical mass so that when I go shopping I actually have some of the bags in the car with me. When I bring them into the apartment, they never seem to leave. But there must be a magic number where they start migrating back to the car.

So go enter! Save the planet! Etc!

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