Friday, March 26, 2010

Of Bums and Swimming

No swim this morning after all. I was up lateish and I know this weekend I'll be extremely active. First the swim-a-thon, then we're going hiking with our friend who does crazy things like trail races in the Alps. Though to be fair to him, he totally waited back with me when I thought I was going to die hiking in September because my lungs weren't fully healed from bronchitis. I told everyone to go ahead, but they wouldn't. Nice people.

My knees are still hurting some when I walk, so I'm just going to swim and maybe throw in some elliptical along with strength training for the next week. My friend Rachel mentioned a 5K that she wants Jason and I to run in June (I think. June, right? Rachel?). Jason will be able to do it, no problem (he's doing so great!) and I would love to, but I don't know if my body is going to cooperate.

As I was hobbling around last night, I could see the worry in Jason's eyes and I know he's wondering if I'm going to end up with severe arthritis like my mom. The thing is, my mom started having problems when she was much younger than me. Plus, even though I look exactly like her, I'm built like my dad's side of the family. Like my Nana, actually, with what she always called "The Puckett Butt". The Puckett Butt is defined by an arched back and a bum that sticks out for all the world to see. (Puckett was her maiden name) Sadly, I didn't get her height. She was 5' 10". I always thought 5'9" would be nice...

Anyway, here's hoping that this is just a minor setback and not an indication of something more serious.

In other news, Jason broke into the 100's yesterday morning! Down from a high of about 216, he's now 199.

I'm looking forward to the swim-a-thon tomorrow and psyching myself up to jump in, keep a steady pace, and finish all 60 laps in an hour.

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