Tuesday, August 24, 2010


You know what's not helpful in losing weight? When you look at recent pictures of yourself and think, "Meh, I look fine." Of course, then I put on my jeans and remember that it would be nice if they were just a wee bit looser.

Starting a modified South Beach today. I have some grapes I don't want to waste, but I figure a little fruit won't kill me when everything else I eat all day is South Beach compliant.

Monday, August 02, 2010


Yeah, so C25K did not happen Saturday. Neither did the strength training class this morning. My triceps are still so sore from Friday's class that it's kind of hard to dress myself. Well, I'll make it to class this Friday at least. Hopefully tomorrow morning my inner thighs will be recovered enough that I can go for a walk/run. Did I mention the sadistic version of sumo squats that the instructor had us do Friday?

I was at Sara's house for a little party last night and we were commiserating on how we should have started the strength training class 6 months ago. (We're not going to discuss the fact that she's done a half marathon recently, while I've been doing next to nothing. The class kicked both of our butts so I don't feel like too much of a loser.)

Sara's moving next weekend so I'll have to go it alone from now on. At least everyone else in the class was really friendly. I got the feeling there is a core group who I'll be seeing on a regular basis if I keep going.