Friday, March 12, 2010

What Have I Done Today?

The Biggest Loser theme song sings, "What have I done today to make me feel proud?" The Television Without Pity recapper for The Biggest Loser* always starts her recaps with what she has done that day to make her feel proud, with a healthy dose of snark thrown in for good measure.

*Who also lives in Providence and since everyone here knows everyone else, I'm sure I've met or at least seen her at some point over the past 2 1/2 years and I wish I knew who she was so the next time I see her I could tell her how much I love her recaps. I always think the same thing as her when TBL toys with us. Like this past week with the long drawn-out drama of how Sam forgot his lunch which wound up being a long lead-in to a Subway product placement. Her response: "Those f***ers." Not exactly my words, as the asterisks will tell you, but my sentiment exactly!

So what have I done to make me feel proud?

Wednesday night I drove ALL THE WAY to southeast Rhode Island for a meeting that wound up being canceled. So then I drove ALL THE WAY back and needed to stop at 2 stores before I could go home. I had planned to bake some chicken for dinner, but when Jason and I both got home at about 7:30 I announced that I didn't want to wait an hour and a half for dinner so we were getting take out. Jason suggested we use our 2 for $20 Bugaboo Creek coupon, which got us an appetizer sampler and two entrees for $20.

At the end of the meal, Jason commented on the detritus of carbohydrates left on my plates. First, we had bread, and I LOVE their bread. So I had 2 small pieces, but by no means half of the mini loaf they gave us. Then came the appetizer sampler: buffalo wings, chicken strips and mozzarella sticks. I had one wing and then peeled the breading off one chicken strip and one mozzarella stick and ate those. I ordered an extra side salad for myself and the croutons joined the pile of breading on my plate. I got the rib eye steak with steamed vegetables, which unbeknownst to me came on a bed of fried onions. Ate the steak and veggies, left the onions.

Ta-dah! Next morning, down another pound, so apparently I managed to stay on course.

Last night I went out for Mexican food with a friend (Hi, Annie!) and indulged in tortilla chips, a tamale and half of some enchiladas verdes. I knew we were going out so I had been watching my carbs during the day. I know I went over 100 g, but it wasn't major.

FYI, if you like Mexican food and fear there is none to be had in New England, I recommend El Rancho Grande. Their salsa is actually spicy! Un milagro! Ay dios mio!

This morning, I had a meeting up in Boston then took the train back to Providence. You know what they have at South Station in Boston? An Auntie Anne's. I LOVE Auntie Anne's pretzels! Did I get one today? No, I did not. We're going out to dinner with some friends tonight for Portuguese food and while I know I can order smart, I'm also not quite sure what my options will be. I'd rather indulge in a new Portuguese carby delight than abstain because I already had the pretzel.

So I think I'm doing well. Also, I've determined that living this low-carb lifestyle is totally doable.


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

You are doing great!!!! :)

Have a great weekend, Kelly!

Donna Manley said...

Wow Kelly! You are rockin it! Great job! I'm so worried about when this contest ends and I have to do it on my own. It's so much fun to read what you are doing and it sound like you are just doing it! How inspiring. Thanks for writing such a great blog!