Friday, March 19, 2010

The Buddy System

Last night I had the thought while I was reading other peoples' health and fitness blogs for inspiration that it would be awesome to have a gym buddy. I really do appreciate all the motivation I get from everyone on here and through reading other blogs, but to know that someone will be waiting for me to show up at the gym at 6 AM is some great motivation because I am very susceptible to guilt.

My last year of college, my friend Nikki and I would meet up at the gym and go together. I knew she would be there so I had better show up. And she knew I would be there. It was such a good way to be accountable.

While I was mulling this over, I remembered my gym had posted signs all over the place a few months ago about gym buddies. You could post your info on a bulletin board to get connected with potential gym buddies. So this morning I checked out the buddy board. There wasn't a single posting on it. So much for that idea. (I kind of hope that this just means that everyone got all matched up with their buddies a couple months ago, not that the Y's buddy plan was a sad failure that just faded away).

Well, until Jason magically stops being nocturnal, I'll just keep posting my gym trips on here and being accountable to you. At least Jason and I go to the gym together on Saturday. Also, he's actually an awesome cheerleader when I tell him what I did to work out on any given day.

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Donna Manley said...

Yeah, I can totally relate to you. I wished forever to have a gym buddy, but it never happened. It really helps me mentally to be accountable to someone other than myself. I don't know why though. That's why I'm happy I have my trainer and believe me, I will enjoy it while I can. I don't have the funds to have a trainer like I have now. You can do it Kelly!