Thursday, March 25, 2010

Water Baby

Last night after work I went for a swim and managed to do 60 lengths of the pool in 30 minutes. Exactly the pace I'm shooting for on Saturday at the swim-a-thon. I started out slowly, so I think if I start out at a medium pace, I can definitely get it done.

I can't begin to express how natural I feel in the water. I've always felt that way. When I'm done with a swim, I feel peaceful and confident. Last night, I ached a little, but I loved that familiar aching of the muscles I use to pull myself through the water.

I'm really looking forward to our trip to Hawaii and getting back into the ocean. I used to go to Florida every year to visit family, but haven't been there in a few years now. My favorite thing is to dive down below the waves and stay under as long as I can, swimming out as far as I can.

I took this morning off from the gym, but walked to work. My knees are still sore. By the end of the walk, they were really hurting. I'm going to take a week off from running and then start C25K over. I told Jason, this will be my third try. If I get sidelined a 3rd time, I may have to admit that running just isn't for me.

Tomorrow I'll do one more prep swim and then Saturday is the swim-a-thon.

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Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

It's great that you enjoy swimming so much. And good job on your swim last night. I love swimming, too. Can't wait for the outdoor pool to open. Swimming will be a nice way to mix up my workouts a bit again...

And be patient with the running. The important thing is to listen to your body and not to injure yourself.

Good luck at the swim-a-thon.