Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So I was all set to wait until after the holidays and start with a New Year's resolution to get back on the ball, but the scale this morning scared me.


After I swore to myself I would never hit 190 again. Up until now, I've been around 183-185, but I think getting married and eating out a lot and indulging every little food whim I have has pushed the scale up a lot more quickly than before.

So let's be brutally honest. It's been 6 months since I've been religious with my food journaling on Sparkpeople. It's also been 6 months since I've worked out regularly. I have had a few weeks here and there where I made it to the pool 3 or 4 times, but I haven't been consistent at all.

I live right across the street from the Y and can work out every morning if I just drag my butt out of bed. No more excuses.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Well, I WAS going to start back to the gym this morning, but it wasn't to be. Last night when we were moving a bookshelf, I kicked it with my left big toe and the nail pulled off.


This is the 4th time this has happened. I'm starting to think this toenail just does not want to be part of my body. So today my poor toe is wrapped in a couple of bandaids and throbbing a bit. I couldn't swim because the bandaids would come off and I've tried to swim with the toenail flapping around, and let me just tell you, it hurts like a mother.

I could elliptical you say. Except for the fact that shoes and pressure on the toe are pretty painful right now. In fact, I tried to put on heels this morning to go to work and after gasping out in pain a few times, Jason told me to just wear comfy shoes. He said, "Look, if you had broken your foot, you would just wear sneakers or boots or whatever, right?" True.

So I'm wearing my Payless bike shoes, with the sassy zig zag strap. The toe still hurts a little, but it's not too bad. I've actually gotten 4 compliments on the shoes today, with no one commenting that they're not very business-y.

On the upside, we still have a LOT of cleaning and unpacking to do and I will be lugging around big boxes of books tonight as I unload them onto my bookshelves. It may be a lame work out, but I'm going to let it count for now.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh hi.

So, I got married and stuff. It was super fun.

Today I was talking with a girl at work, both of us bemoaning our lack of weight loss momentum, and it hit me that all of those times I said that I would get back to it after the wedding, well, that's now. The two of us have agreed to be each other's motivators and I even directed her toward SparkPeople.

I was really worried yesterday after I commuted for 3 1/2 hours (and then came home and cried like a hysterical baby because, oh my gosh, all the traffic, and the stopping and the going, and I'm totally going to kill someone) that I would never be able to find the time to work out. However, I arranged with my 3-day a week job today to come in at 10 instead of 9, which means I miss rush hour. Providence, RI to Newton, MA this morning: 50 minutes. That is so, SO much better than the hour and 45 minutes it took yesterday. Let's hear it for flexible bosses!

So that means I can skip across the street to the Y on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, and then throw in a workout on Saturday for good measure. The hard part, I feel, is going to be the food this time around. For one, I have totally given in to my Diet Coke with Lime/Diet Dr. Pepper addiction and have been consuming a lot of caffeine over the past few months. That's going to be a rough habit to break. I want to go back to only letting myself have a soda once a week.

For two, I have been caving into all of the temptations around me. Every Friday one of my jobs has bagels and pastries and such and I was so, SO good at resisting them. Not to mention the cakes and candies and all the other stuff people bring in. I didn't even give them a second thought, just walked on by. Yeah, I don't know what happened, but that amazing resolve I used to have has completely disappeared. I had an asiago cheese bagel this morning with sundried tomato cream cheese (reduced fat). While it was sinfully yummy, I realize that sort of behavior has to stop.

Monday it starts again. I dusted off my SparkPeople profile and redid my stats. Monday morning I'm hitting the gym. Monday I will be eating healthy and drinking massive amounts of water (while most likely staving off a caffeine headache). I have only gained about 4 pounds back, but it was freaking hard to lose those 4 pounds and I refuse to be that girl again who says, yeah, I lost 22 pounds last year. But I gained it all back.