Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Swimming Personal Record

Today I swam 2000 yards straight, which...I don't think I've ever done, actually. I always swam short distances on swim team so never had to do any real distance training. When I got to the pool this morning, it was super crowded. There was already one lane circle swimming, and the others all had two people already.

I've decided to not be such a pill about circle swimming. Yes, it's a pain because no one goes the same pace. The other woman in my lane today kept passing the man, and I kept passing both of them, though I was swimming slower than usual. But instead of being so rigid about my routine for the day, which is usually pretty hard to maintain when you're circle swimming, I just swim straight until there are only two of us left in the lane and then I pick up with my routine.

Only there were 3 people in my lane the whole time, so I just kept swimming and wound up doing 80 lengths straight. I still had some time left, so I did a 200 kick to finish. I'm just kind of impressed with myself because a few weeks ago I never would have been able to do 2000 yards straight.

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Fat[free]Me said...

That is excellent - I love swimming and really enjoy it too. I do have a problem with the other people in the pool, lane hoggers, splashers, strange watchers, blind swerving backstrokers, chatters and that spoils it for me a bit. I am experimenting with finding the perfect quiet time, lol!

Anyway, you are doing so well - go you!