Friday, April 10, 2009

More Calories

Remember that whole calorie deficit issue? Well, it's 4 PM and I've only eaten 500 calories, so I think this day may win as the most calorie deficit ever.

It's not my fault, though. I went to the Boston office for a meeting this morning and brought a small snack for the train ride up and the train ride back. Then I was supposed to meet Jason for lunch, but today our clients decided to come crawling out of the woodwork and my boss is out of town. So it's 4 PM and I just ate a couple of pieces of turkey and cheese and finally got a chance to enter it all into my log at SparkPeople.

Jason will be picking me up later to head up to Boston again*. I guess I'll be wandering over to CVS in a bit to see what I can scrounge up there as a makeshift dinner. Nuts and milk? Dinner of champions!

* I know. If we had any sort of sense, I would have taken my work up there and worked in the Boston office all day, but apparently we don't.

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