Friday, April 03, 2009


Jason would never admit it, but I think he's been a little down lately. His work isn't everything he hoped it would be and I think he might be feeling kind of stuck. It's tough to get him to talk about things like this, but based on what he has told me, I think he's just not feeling so great right now.

More than ever I want to encourage him to exercise. He's been down about his expanding waistline as well, so it would be good for that, but I honestly think that getting into a good routine, with some regular endorphins, would give him more energy and drive to do what he wants to do with his work.

So I'm trying to encourage him. This week he's encouraged me with my swimming and he's also eaten the same healthy dinners as me. However, he has yet to go running (which he's been talking about doing for months now) and he's still eating some not so great things - like the Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate he came home with Tuesday night, and the giant bag of M&Ms he and his sister polished off while I was out of town last week. My fingers are crossed that as I continue getting healthier, that I can motivate him too.

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