Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exercise Groove

I am buzzing with energy this morning. I hope I can keep it up for the rest of the day. This morning I swam 80 lengths, and then walked the 2 miles to work.

I've walked to and from work the last few days, but my shins are starting to hurt. I have flat feet and weak ankles, a combination that means even when I'm wearing supportive running shoes, my shins start to hurt when I walk a lot (ie, 7-8 miles in the last 2 days). This morning I put on my hiking boots to walk to work, which seems like complete overkill, but it did help to stabilize my ankles and my shins didn't hurt quite as much. I probably won't walk home from work, though, and give my shins a break.

This morning when I was doing sets of 50's on the 1:00, I was actually keeping up with the fast guy* in the next lane, which made me feel a bit smug. Never mind that he can keep up that pace steadily for his continuous hour swim. I like that 3 weeks into swimming again, I can keep up with the fast guy for at least a little bit.

* Who I have named Splashy McSplasherson because he insists on SLAPPING his calves on the surface of the water every time he does a flipturn, splashing people as far as 2 lanes away. It is completely and totally unnecessary to do your flipturns like that, and I would think that essentially doing a bellyflop with your legs would create additional resistance and slow you down. Also, it's really annoying.

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