Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Feeling Good

It's the bless-ed 4th day of South Beach. I'm through the withdrawals and I feel great. Yesterday was the worst. I had a moderate headache all day and felt like I was in a fog. Which makes for a not very productive workday. Today, though, I feel excellent, and am not practically falling asleep despite reading some very, very dry contracts. Also, I'm not craving anything.

This morning I swam 70 laps. OK, is it laps or lengths? I suppose technically up and back equals one lap if you're really looking at the definition of the word. So I did 70 lengths today. I'm going to do 70 tomorrow, rest Friday, and then the swim-a-thon on Saturday. Usually I can do 90-100 lengths in an hour, depending on whether it's all swimming, or swimming with some kicking and pulling. When I'm in my stride, I can do more than 100, but if I get to 100, I'll be happy.

My pace is SLOW. However, at one point during a set, I felt a little pop of endorphins. It was brief and soon after I was tired again, but it was there, giving me hope that I can get back in my prior swimming form pretty quickly.

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kip said...

Oh, this is good motivation for me. I've strayed far off the bandwagon in the last month or so and I'm thinking about getting back on Phase 1...which shouldn't be hard to stay on if I can get to Phase 2 before India.

Don't worry about your slow swimming pace this week. Exercise on phase 1 can be kind of tough, at least for me.