Thursday, May 01, 2008


I'm starting to pull together things to hang on the wall of my office, including my diplomas, which I have never had framed. My boss and secretary have been getting on my case about the lack of decoration and saying things like I must not be planning to stay long. So I'm trying to establish myself here as a fixture to say, yes, I do want you to hire me full-time. See how cool I am with my higher education and neat-o pictures and plants?

A couple of days ago I dug out my diplomas to put them in my work bag. I opened up the box holding my Masters diploma and out fell a print out of a picture my dad took of me when I received the diploma in the mail (I didn't walk at graduation).

Oh. My. Gosh.

I showed it to Jason and he said, "That doesn't even look like you."

I think I weighed about 40 pounds more than I do now and my face in the picture is just as round as can be. I had forgotten completely about that picture and it was kind of a shock.

Even when I weighed a lot more, I don't think I really felt like I weighed that much. I knew I needed to lose weight and that I wasn't really happy with my body, but I don't think I realized how large I really was. When I went to the doctor for migraines and he told me how much I weighed and expressed concern, I was shocked. Well, I was wearing a size 20, so I was kind of large.

It's weird how my mind seemed to trick me into thinking I really hadn't gained THAT much weight. In the 3 years I lived in Chicago, I put on 35-45 pounds, but I really didn't feel that much bigger than when I graduated from college. One day I noticed this giant pink stretch mark across my lower stomach. Now, my bum and thighs had always been large, but I generally had a pretty flat stomach. Seeing that stretch mark was kind of a shock, but still I didn't really think I was THAT heavy.

I had sort of a reverse negative body image. I didn't feel good about myself, but all in all I didn't think I was doing too bad. Turns out, as that visit to the doctor's office showed me, the weight was getting out of control.


I've been wanting to try Almond Breeze for awhile because it just sounded yummy to me. It's a fairly low-calorie milk substitute made of almonds. I'm a big almond fan, but I was a little concerned that it might have the same texture as soy milk, which feels like Maalox to me and makes me gag a little.

I bought some Almond Breeze yesterday and yum! I had it on some cereal and loved it. Sweet and nutty. I just bought the plain original, but I want to try the vanilla and chocolate now. I bet the chocolate would go great in a chocolate shake. Or a mocha shake with some coffee ice cream/frozen yogurt. Mmmm, I'm getting hungry...


zamy said...

I just took my 'before pictures' so I have some comparison to go by throughout my 'summer-o-health'.
All I have to say is...dang..lots larger than I thought.
I am currently a size 20/22
so I can related to your old self.

I know it will take a little while to see results, but I'm ready to have a healthy body again!

Kim said...

We ALWAYS have the vanilla and chocolate almond breeze milk on hand. The kids love it too. I don't drink much milk, but when I do, this is what I go for. :)