Monday, May 05, 2008

This Has Already Been One of Those Days and It's Only Half Over

I woke up with my alarm and then promptly rolled over and fell back to sleep. It didn't help that after some feeble attempts at meowing at me to feed him, the cat gave up and curled up under the covers next to me in a warm, purry ball.

So no gym this morning.

Then the whole time I was getting ready I felt like I was making good time, when in reality it was always later than I thought.

I walked out my back door at 8:22 to see the 8:25 bus go flying by. OK, then, I'll walk to work. Oh wait, I'm going to court with one of the other attorneys today and I'm in my suit and I really don't want to sweat off all my make-up.

Guess when the 8:43 bus showed up? 8:53. I barely made it to work in time to meet the attorney and head out to the courthouse.

Since I was running late, I didn't really prepare a lunch, but grabbed a couple of snacks and figured I would get take out. I need to remember that downtown Providence is not so much about the health food. I eventually got a salad at a Greek place, but before I could stop the guy he dumped a ton of dressing on it. I didn't want to ask him to make me another salad, so I came back to work and picked off the top layer of veggies. I still got WAY more dressing that I would have liked, and feel kind of greasy now

I am planning on walking home from work today so that will be some exercise. Even though I didn't really feel it on the exercise bike on Saturday, my bum and thighs started aching a bit yesterday and today they are full on sore. So I guess the bike is getting it done after all.

Let's hope the rest of the day is a little more relaxed.


nicole said...

Count me as impressed anyway. I'm still trying to get out of bed when my alarm goes off ("Nah... I can skip the workout today. Just today.") and I left all of my dressing on my Greek salad today. Someday I'll jump back on my jogging, Lean Cuisine-eating bandwagon and chime in. In the meantime, remember you're still moving and you had a salad. Nicely done.

Kelly said...

True. Thanks for pointing that out.

I've gotten to the point where I miss it when I don't work out in the morning. How sick is that?