Saturday, May 31, 2008


My new Pilates DVD kind of kicks my butt. I got 10 Minute Solutions: Rapid Results Pilates. First of all, the whole format of the DVD is pretty cool. There are 5 10-minute workouts and before you start you can go through and customize which ones you want to do and when you hit Play, they only play the workouts you selected. Pretty nifty.*

I read some of the Amazon reviews and some of the reviewers said the workouts are really more of a combination of pilates, yoga and calisthenics. Whatever works, I say. I have nothing against combining workout forces. All I know is, it works my muscles hard. The instructor is some sort of crazy robot lady who can do all of these moves while talking and smiling. I like her instructions, though, even if I'm jealous of her.

Tiny liked the pilates DVD too
I think he just thinks it's pretty awesome when I get down on the floor with him. He spends my whole workout weaving in and out of my legs, head butting me and, as you can see, flopping down on the mat right next to me. So helpful.

I think my shoulder is finally really on the mend. Last Saturday I only did 80 laps and had to do almost half of that kicking. I planned on doing 100 laps, but I get bored with the kicking. Today I did 100 laps, only 16 of that kicking. I stretched my shoulder out a couple of times during the workout, but it didn't hurt at all while I swam. I'm still not going to be swimming every day for a bit, but I think next week I could manage 2 or 3 times.

* In fact, it looks like the whole 10 Minute Solutions series has that same format. I'm kind of eying the kickboxing DVD.


LME said...

My cat Marcel does the same thing to me when I do yoga at home. If he weren't so cute, it would be aggravating.

kellygreen514 said...

I am going to apologize in advance for my presumption of posting a comment to you, a person I do not actually know. I freaks me out when people do it to me and I try to abstain from inflicting on others what I do not like.

I am, however, so impressed with your blog and your efforts to get fit and your willingness to be honest about what a struggle it can be that I felt I ought to let you know that you inspired at least one person here today.

I too have struggled to lose weight and get healthy. I find your positive attitude and perseverance both refreshing and encouraging. I have a tendency to get frustrated and disheartened myself, and it is nice to feel like I am not the only one out there fighting the good fight.

Wishing you continuing success and happiness,

Another Kelly

Kelly said...

lme, I know how you feel. They're just so darn endearing.

Kelly, thanks so much for commenting! I love comments from complete strangers as well as people I know. I'm so glad that I've been encouraging for you. Sometimes it's hard (especially when you get stuck in a plateau or you just really really want some ice cream). But I feel pretty good about where I am and no matter what, I'm definitely getting healthier.