Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Product Endorsements

In the hopes that companies will start sending me free stuff:

No Pudge Brownies
Yummy yummy! Two thumbs up! Four, if you count Jason's thumbs. I made the original ones last night and they are gooey and fudgey and so good. You just add yogurt to the mix and pop it in the oven. Very simple. I really want to try the Mint now.

Amy's Mexican Casserole Bowl
I ate the lower sodium version. Very tasty. The spices in the enchilada sauce are a good mix and for 370 pretty filling calories, I got some Mexican food. Probably far fewer calories than the carne asada burro from Los Betos back in Tucson.

Today is my high calorie day. This morning I exercycled for 45 minutes (the bike told me I rode 10 1/2 miles, which is more reasonable than that 21 mile nonsense it was spouting the other day) and then I walked the 1.8 miles to work, which entails walking up one side of a hill and down the other side. The trip to work isn't as bad as the trip home. The side facing downtown is very steep and I feel like an asthmatic weakling by the time I reach the top, like yesterday evening, for instance. I will conquer the hill! Later, I'll be walking to the movie theater to meet Jason and our friend Dr. K.

Anyway, the point is, I've worked out and I have a lot of calories to eat today. I've already entered all the food I planned into SparkPeople and I'm still 600 calories short. I was thinking about indulging and getting a soft pretzel at the mall, but I think the whole idea of calorie cycling is to eat a lot of healthy calories.


That sure would be an easy way to kill 300 calories, though. I'm mulling it over.

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Kim said...

I am now filled with thoughts of things I don't have in the house, but that I very much want to eat. :(

Thanks for the cool reviews - I'll be checking them both out!! :)