Friday, May 02, 2008

I Heart Endorphins

Yesterday I walked 1.8 miles to work and 1.8 miles home from work to try to get SOME sort of exercise in. Surprisingly, my calves are sore today. I guess that's the whole point of cross-training: you use different muscles with the different activities.

I think I should get some bonus points for my walk because Providence has a couple of big hills and I work at the bottom of one of them and live at the very top. Why can I swim 110 laps and elliptical for 45 minutes, but a stupid hill knocks the wind right out of me? I'm going to start at least walking home from work* on the days I work in Providence so maybe by the end of the summer I will have conquered the hill.

I took my backpack to work yesterday thinking that would be the best way to carry my stuff on my walks without putting too much weight on one shoulder. Apparently it was still too much for my sore shoulder. I had hoped to get back in the pool today, but instead last night and today my shoulder is hurting all over again. Grrr.

Last night I had a flash of brilliance as I realized that I could work out on the exercise bike and not wrench my arm in any way, unlike the elliptical with its swinging arm things. So I may be exercycling all next week, waiting for my shoulder to heal.

This whole no activity thing is driving me nuts - thus the walk to work yesterday. Today I worked in Massachusetts so I had to drive. The lack of endorphins is making me depressed and moody. After only 3 days without a big surge of morning exercise happiness, I'm completely dragging. And I want to eat EVERYthing. I really want a big cookie. Maybe one with peanut butter or toffee chips. Instead, I'm having an apple, which, you know, is good, but it's no giant cookie.

* It's never good to arrive at work sweaty and disshelveled.

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