Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Scream

I ate some ice cream for a snack yesterday instead of my carrots and dill dip and apple and popcorn I had brought to work. How crazy is it that ALL that good stuff can equal one dish of ice cream, calorie-wise?

Once a month they get these amazing ice cream cakes to celebrate everyone who is having a birthday that month and yesterday was the day for May. I can take or leave cake, but I am the biggest fan ice cream has ever seen. Someone requested a chocolate raspberry cake so I had a slab of black raspberry ice cream (and threw away the cake). So yummy!

However, a couple hours later I was heading to Target and I was totally dragging. Yawning every couple minutes, eyes barely staying open.

Oh right. That's what a sugar crash feels like.

I've been eating sugar here and there, but in relatively small amounts. After eating healthy all morning, I slammed my body with a bunch of ice cream and I totally felt the crash not that long afterwards.

It made me think, is this really worth it? I mean, the ice cream tasted awesome, but is it worth feeling like crap long after the ice cream euphoria has worn off? I'm starting to think maybe not, especially when the food I've been eating has been making me feel so great, with no ups and downs and late afternoon crashes.

Work also got Dunkin Donuts bagels and pastries yesterday (they bring in pastries every Friday) and I abstained. Now that I'm in the groove it's not so hard to not grab a bagel anymore. I have a couple of friends at work who are also focused on being healthy and we all wonder why they can't just get one little fruit plate in with all those 600-calorie, refined carb and fat bagels? Especially since they order from Panera every other week, a place that I know has produce available if you look for it.

It doesn't make much sense, but it does just highlight what I'm coming to believe more and more: the easy availability of crappy foods makes it really hard not to be fat these days.

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Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Isn't it interesting how you can see the effects of sugar when you back off from it? I was thinking about that yesterday after I ate a sugary breakfast (unusual for me) and then didn't feel well within 10 minutes.