Friday, May 16, 2008

Plugging Along

I didn't make it to the elliptical yesterday. I woke up and everything hurt so I just fell back asleep. I had kind of a long day yesterday so I'm glad I took a rest day.

Today I did the entire 40 minute pilates DVD - although it wound up being more like 50 minutes. I think they say each segment is 10 minutes because it's catchy, but in reality they're a bit longer. I may get another pilates DVD because even though the moves are still challenging in parts, I can see myself getting bored with the routine quickly. I really like pilates in general. When I'm doing the routines I don't really feel like I'm doing that much, but the next day and the day after that I feel it all over my body.

Today at lunch my friend at work and I walked around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir and I did hammer curls with my 3 pound dumbbells.

I think that my body has finally healed and I'm going to get back into the cardio again. Tomorrow is HIIT elliptical and Monday I'm back in the pool. It's been really frustrating to feel so constrained by pulls and aches and pains. I've felt antsy and like I need to be doing MORE! Right now! That's why I've been taking every opportunity to walk to and from work or do pilates or whatever to just keep moving and try not to lose the momentum I had going.

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tylersstory said...

I had the same thing happen to me yesterday. Woke up with an intent to hit the gym for weight/cardi but just hurt so I slept. Today I feel awesome though so maybe in the end it was for the better :)

- Tyler