Saturday, May 03, 2008


I rode the exercise bike for an hour this morning. Then I came home and did some leg-focused strength exercises. If this shoulder thing keeps up, my legs are going to be awesomely toned, while my arms are going to lose any definition they might have had.

When I was in college I used to ride the exercise bike periodically and I liked it because I could do homework at the same time. The elliptical bounces around too much for me to read while doing it, and of course I can't read in the pool. This could be a good way to get in some sorely-needed reading time. I hardly read anymore, and I miss it.

According to the bike, I rode 21.23 miles. Apparently I'm a biking superstar and didn't even know it. Or the bike is REALLY overestimating the distance thing. I'm going with the latter.

One question: is there any way to keep your bum from going numb?

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