Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shoulder Update

I talked Jason into going for a long walk with me this morning at 7 AM since I couldn't swim. He's so supportive. He usually wakes up around 9 so the fact that he agreed to get up at 7 is a miracle and very sweet.

However, I didn't get up. My alarm went off and I just couldn't do it. I was so sore and my body just wanted to stay in bed. This morning I listened to it.

I think my shoulder is better today. The pain migrated down to just under my right shoulder blade, but it's not as sore. I spent last night lying on my heating pad and watching TV and I think that did me some good. I'm really bad about letting myself rest if I'm hurt or sick. Depending on how I feel, I'm going to try swimming on Friday, but I may just have to call this week a wash and start again Monday.

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Kim said...

Take care of yourself Kelly! I hope that your shoulder is 100% better soon!!!