Thursday, April 24, 2008

Still Heading Down

And I'm down another half pound today. Awesome.

I think as my metabolism speeds up it's making me hotter. I mean, as in physically hot. I mean, temperature-wise. I suppose it's making me hotter in the other way too.

I have my own personal thermostat in my office at work and on Tuesday I could not make it cold enough. Usually I've got the heat pumping so much that my boss refuses to come in and we hold all meetings in his office. Also, every little movement when I'm getting ready in the morning makes me all sweaty. Also, I'm roasting at night and kick the covers off, while Jason is huddled under the down comforter.

I asked some people in one of my SparkPeople teams about whether they had experienced this. Turns out, a bunch of them had, but they thought they were weird so didn't mention it to anyone else. A couple of them have been through menopause and said this heat was completely different from hot flashes. The good news: they said once their bodies adjusted, their temperatures regulated again. So I won't be sweaty forever! I'm sure everyone around me is happy to hear that.

A friend's personal trainer once told her that as her metabolism sped up, she might notice a lot more sweating during her workouts. Anyone else ever experience the additional sweating or the extra heat thing?

I guess I'm reacting well to the swimming and the calorie cycling. My newest pair of Lane Bryant pants, in the smallest size they carry, are almost officially too big for me to wear anymore. As it is, the waist is definitely too big and pokes out weirdly when I wear clingy shirts. Very attractive.


Jeni said...

Nice! That is such a good feeling when you're clothes are too big like that. Annoying when you have to wear them, but still. I get hot too when I'm losing really well, I like to think of it as my furnace burning all that fat up. Heh. Anyway, that's great news for you!

Playful Professional said...

I've definitely felt like I sweat more and eat more since I've started doing resistance training, which is supposed to be pretty linked to a metabolism boost. Who knows.

Kelly said...

Jeni, that's a good visual, the furnace burning up all the fat.

PP, yeah gaining muscle really gets your metabolism going. Swimming is such an interesting sport because I feel like it's cardio and resistance training in one since you're working against the water. I still do some strength training as well.