Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sometimes I Even Scare Myself

I had a flash of brilliance yesterday that was so completely obvious that now I feel kind of dumb to have not realized it before.

I like beans, right? Black beans and garbanzo beans in particular. What I do not like is how jam packed with sodium the canned beans are. I'm trying to keep my sodium low. For 4 of the past 6 days I've managed to keep my sodium below 1000 mg. (Thank you, SparkPeople, for allowing me to be completely OCD with your calorie and nutrient monitor).

So yesterday I was thinking of what I could do to eat more beans and still keep my sodium low when like a flash of lightning it hit me. Duh, Kelly, buy dry beans. Let me say it again. Duh.

After work I needed to buy some broccoli so I also hit the bean aisle and stocked up on several different kinds. I know this will take more effort, but with my commitment to eat more healthy,
eating in general is taking more effort. And that's fine.

I started adding non fat Greek yogurt to my berry smoothies and wow, does that taste good. I put in anywhere from a half cup to a cup of plain yogurt, depending on what I want the calories to add up to, and add a half packet of Stevia for additional sweetness. The yogurt gives a slightly sour tang to the sweetness of the berries and the juice and I love it. I also love Sour Patch Kids. It's not quite that tart, but maybe I could market the Sour Patch Kids smoothie.

I ellipticaled for 30 minutes this morning and thought I was going to die. I just couldn't make it to 40 minutes. I felt nauseated and my second wind never kicked in. Usually I get an endorphin push at around 20 minutes, but this morning, nothing. Here's hoping tomorrow is better.


Playful Professional said...

You'll have to let me know how to dry beans. I've thought about doing that myself.

Deborah said...

Do you have some place where you buy your Greek yogurt? I love it, but it's wicked expensive compared to regular yogurt.

Kelly said...

I bought mine at Trader Joe's, their generic brand. It looked like it was cheaper than Fage or Oikos.