Tuesday, April 22, 2008

90 Laps Today

My Swim Plan workout was very simple today. Warm up, 12 100's on 2:00, cool down. I did the first 100 in 1:40 and did all the others at 1:45. Actually, the last few, I was back toward 1:40, which made me happy because it means I can keep a steady pace even when I'm tired and I can even push it and make myself go faster at the end. Now I just need to get faster all around.

In other news, I'm not losing weight. In fact, I've gained a couple of pounds. However, my measurements are holding steady and my waist even decreased a little over the past couple of weeks. Swimming is good for the abs.

So I'm chalking this up to starting swimming again and using muscles I wasn't with the elliptical. Also, I'm calorie cycling again and my body is getting used to that. Meaning it's getting used to a lot more calories than I was feeding it. My BMR is 1600-1800 calories and then I'm swimming 4-5 times a week. I was only eating around 1500 calories and I've just increased that a whole bunch and I think my body is a little freaked out. Hopefully this will be the week I get it figured out.

I'm just trying to come up with reasons here. Do you think mine make sense?

I also had a piece of chocolate cake Friday and Saturday (half on Friday, half on Saturday). I could not get it out of my head. I figure I can have a piece of chocolate cake occasionally, darn it. Other than that, my eating has been pretty stellar.

Sometimes I wonder if my body just has a set point around 180-185 and I'm going to be stuck here forever.


Playful Professional said...

Have you ever tried running? It does wonders for the body even when you think you may be stuck.

Kelly said...

I actually hate running. :)

Also, bad knees run in my family. I used to get sore knees from the stairmaster when I was 18 so I'm all about doing exercises that have low impact on my joints. Thus, the elliptical and swimming.