Thursday, April 03, 2008

Weight Down Again

Another .4 lbs today. That's almost 3 pounds lost since Sunday. I figure this may keep up, or my body will adjust in another day or two and I'll just gain the weight back. I'm hoping it keeps up, although I will try not to be too disappointed if it doesn't.

My friend who is doing the detox with me hasn't lost any weight and is bummed about it, but I told her I didn't really lose any the first time either. However, I do think it was a good kick in the pants for my metabolism.

I'm getting kind of tired of chicken breasts with diced tomatoes, I will say that. It's been my basic lunch for the past 5 days. On days 1-3 I thought it was so, so yummy! Day 4 I was sort of not as enthusiastic, but I ate it. Today, I know I need to eat my lunch, but chicken and tomatoes AGAIN just isn't appealing to me. It's my own fault for not making sure I was stocked up on salmon before I started. Then at least I could alternate between salmon and chicken. Tomorrow I'm going to go shopping to get some final supplies for the rest of the detox and salmon will definitely be on the list.

I have impressed Jason no end with my smoothie-making abilities. He told me my smoothies taste just like the store ones and asked me, in awe, how I learned to make them. I think I really impressed him when I told him I just made it up. When I'm figuring out his half of the groceries*, I don't charge him for the stuff I know only I'm going to eat such as berries and juice for the smoothies, so he told me he would pay me 50 cents a smoothie. We're very egalitarian in our marriage.

Smoothies for the Fast Track Detox**
2 C. frozen or fresh berries
.75 C. orange juice
.25 cup Trader Joe's triple berry juice***
1/2 packet Stevia (optional, depending on how sweet your berries are. Sometimes the frozen ones can be a little sour)
6-8 ice cubes
1/2 scoop vanilla whey powder (I find a whole scoop changes the flavor significantly. And not for the better. Also, I include this because it's part of the detox. I leave it out of Jason's smoothies.)

Put it all in the blender and blend. Ta-dah!

No gym today. I've been 3 times this week, and I'll go tomorrow. My legs were really feeling tired yesterday and we stayed up late watching a movie so when the alarm went off at 6, I just reset it for 7. And then got up at 7:30. Because that's how I roll.

*Because we haven't gotten around to creating a joint bank account yet for our common expenses.
** When I'm not detoxing, I'll often add a banana or a little plain, vanilla or berry yogurt to change things up.
***Or whatever other juices you think sounds good.


Natalie C. said...

Thanks for the smoothie recipe. Smoothies like that for detox I could probably handle. :)

Amazon Alanna said...

Thanks for the smoothie's sounds delish!

Chris and I have been married for almost 4 years and we are still dragging our feet on making a joint account. It's on our "to do" list...but we just haven't gotten around to it yet. And we just bought a house, so now our monthly finances are even more messed up!

Kelly said...

I heart the smoothies. I've been making them every day for me and Jason.

Alanna, the rector who married us advised we do that even before we get married because it will signify some sort fo real commitment. Well, I feel like we're pretty committed, we just live like roommates in some regards (I bill him for groceries, he bills me for rent).