Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Another Half Pound

I got on the scale this morning and thought, "Okay that 2 pound thing was probably just a momentary fluke and I'm not going to scream/cry/pout if my weight has gone up." Imagine my surprise when the scale said my weight was down another half pound. That's 2 1/2 pounds since Sunday. Nice.

I think a HUGE part of this is my sodium intake. Last year my blood pressure was verging on high-normal so I started really watching my sodium and by September it was well within normal ranges. I used to have low blood pressure and would totally crave salt (I have a theory about the linkage between low bp and salt cravings), but now I find that I can do fine without it. Especially when I use good spice mixes.

However, the past several weeks have been high sodium party time. I've been eating a LOT of sushi, soup and take out. Realtively healthy take out choices, but still take out, which I know is chock full of sodium.

Since starting the detox my sodium intake has been well below the RDA of 2300 mg per day and unless I do something really dramatic with the salt shaker in the next 12 hours, today's intake should be under 1000 mg. I think my body is just decompressing from all the sodium. And totally digging the healthy foods.

I swam this morning: 60 laps. And I'm being reminded of new muscles that I forgot about.

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