Friday, April 04, 2008

I'm the Biggest Dork in the World

Didn't get to the gym this morning because, um, I fell down the stairs. There are 7 HARD, concrete stairs outside the back door and I missed the first step and fell the whole way.

It was all in slow motion. The first second I thought, what's going on? I'm falling? The next couple of seconds I thought, Surely I can't fall the whole way. Let me just grab the railing and stop myself. Finally I realized I would not be stopping and yes, I was falling all the way down the stairs.

I have two huge bruises on each leg, one near the ankle and one at the knee. I hit my right knee so hard that it drew blood and ripped my great waterproof warm up pants, which makes me sad. I also have a big bruise on the tip of my middle finger where I grabbed the railing really hard in a desperate effort to stop.

I limped back upstairs and crawled into bed next to Jason, whining, "I fell down the stairs."

He woke up immediately and said, "What? Oh my goodness." Then he cuddled me and helped me feel better. Husbands are nice when you fall down the stairs.

There was a reason I fell besides just being a giant klutz. One of my contacts ripped, but I can't workout with my glasses on, so I only had one contact in, which screws up my depth perception. I didn't realize how much I depended on that to walk down a flight of stairs I've walked down hundreds of times before.

So yeah, no gym. I was really looking forward to a nice swim too! I think it's a good sign that I get bummed out and feel like something is missing when I don't make a workout. Maybe this is actually finally becoming a habit for me. I'm not supposed to work out tomorrow because I'm doing the "fast" part of the detox, but I think I may go for a quick half hour swim. I can't go four whole days without exercising (yesterday, today, tomorrow and Sunday because we're heading up to Boston kind of early). I'm into the groove now and I don't want to lose it.

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Natalie C. said...

Take care of yourself. Don't feel guilty. You could even do mental swimming in your mind (like that Olympic diver several years ago!) so you don't lose your momentum. :)