Monday, April 07, 2008

Fast Report

I was a little ornery and really tired by the end of the day, but other than that, the fast went fine. I woke up on Sunday morning down another 1.2 pounds, which I knew wouldn't stick once I started back on solid foods. Sure enough, today I'm back up half a pound. However, that's not much at all and I'm pleased with my results.

Since Sunday 3/31 I lost 4.2 pounds, 3/4 inch off of both my hips and waist and a little bit on my legs and arms. Considering I feel like I've been at a plateau for forever now, I'm really happy because I feel like I've finally got the weight loss going.

Today is Day 10 of 11 of the detox so tomorrow is the last day. I do admit to trying a dessert at the reception following Jason's choral Evensong last night. I grabbed the tiniest piece of a corn syrupy pecan pie looking thing. I took one bite and gave the rest to Jason. Too greasy! Like last year, I'm hyper-aware of heavy fats now that I've been off them for over a week. I plan to keep up these good eating habits (adding in some carbs and dairy of course) and stay aware of what feels bad to my body as long as possible.


Playful Professional said...

You've inspired me to start my own no desserts/fake sugar fast for the next month. I'm going to say no to all of those yummy cakes, donuts, cookies, and candy that are always lingering around my office. Thanks!

Kelly said...

Oh I'm so glad to have influenced you! Good luck! Hopefully I can keep up my good efforts as well.