Sunday, July 26, 2009

True Confessions

In the interest of full disclosure, yesterday was not a good day. It started out great. I woke up early and went to the gym for a half hour of weights and an hour swim. Then I came home and ate some scrambled eggs and a smoothie. Then it all went downhill.

Once again, we were on the road yesterday, headed up to Tanglewood to see a friend of ours sing (and, as we later found out, to enjoy the giant mosquitoes). I meant to cook a loaf of bread on Friday night. Then I meant to have that bread ready to make sandwiches to take with us. Then I got some cherries, which Jason LOVES, for us to snack on.

Well, I was busy doing other stuff Friday night and didn't get to the bread. So no sandwiches. I was also running around yesterday morning and forgot to wash the cherries and we were running late so that didn't happen.

We decided to pick up lunch on the way out of town and stopped at Wendy's, where I proceeded to completely sabotage my day by getting the new Asian Sweet and Spicy Wings. Newsflash: they're fried. I don't know what I was expecting exactly, but not the heavy breading. Also in a combo meal. With a small Frosty.

Ugh. I just entered all of that into SparkPeople and for the first time in a very long time I am over my calorie range. Not to mention sodium, carbs and all that other good stuff. Newsflash #2: those wings have 2500 mg of sodium. Insane!

The thing is, about 5 minutes after I finished eating all of that, I told Jason that next time we're going on a roadtrip, he needs to remind me to make sandwiches. I felt HORRIBLE. And then I was drowsy for the rest of our two-hour drive as I tried to seriously fight off the carb/sugar/crappy food crash. Totally not worth it.

Normally I would get the Mandarin Chicken Salad at Wendy's, but I was driving the first leg while Jason tried to figure out via his phone where exactly we were headed. This is a big lesson to me that it really does pay to be prepared.


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I'm sorry that yesterday was not the best day food-wise. But bad choices happen to all of us. Remember, today is a new day! :)

And yes, planning food to take really works. But it can be soooo hard to do at times... I started keeping some whole grain/flax seed bread in the freezer as I always seem to be out of bread...

Have a great Sunday!

nicole said...

Bummer... but now you have me wondering about how the wings were. Are they worth the splurge for a cheat day?

Kelly said...

Andrea, thanks for the encouragement. I should make an extra loaf of bread to freeze for just these occasions.

Nicole, they were ok. Kind of greasy since they're fried. Personally, I would have liked them better if they weren't breaded and were just in the sauce. I guess it depends on what your grease tolerance is. Those, with the fries, were complete overload for me.