Saturday, July 18, 2009


I ran. FYI, running with good shoes is a whole different experience. Yes, it was difficult, and yes I sweated a lot (assisted by 70% humidity), but I didn't feel like my legs were going to fall off at the end of it.

I did the first step of the Couch to 5K program, which is a 5 minute warm-up walk, then 8 sets of 60 seconds running, 90 seconds walking. It's kind of like very, very slow intervals. I warmed up by walking down the hill to the Brown stadium, then ran around the track, then walked back up the hill home. I timed myself via my iPod, which was difficult as I was jostling around so much.*

One thing I noticed that was nice is that by interval 6 or so, my breathing was calming down more rapidly and I was raring to go again by the beginning of the 60 seconds. Also, I would glance at my iPod and notice that I had, say, 5 seconds left, but I would decide to go to a certain mark in the track instead and make the interval last a bit longer. I only did this when I was running, not with the easy walking, so the moral of the story is I was pushing myself rather than cheating. Always a good distinction. I guess my internal competing with myself thing is still there even when I'm not swimming. Good to know.

Here's my pretty picture:

After taking this I did a bunch of crunches and planks and did 10 whole push-ups! In a row! I know! I was shocked too.

Here are my new GIGANTIC shoes that don't cripple me so I love them:
(The fact that they're brand new and GLOWING white really accentuates the hugeness)

*I was talking with Jason yesterday about how I really want a heart rate monitor to time myself and to keep track of calories burned and all those little numbers I love so much. I just got a bonus at work and while the bulk of it is going straight into savings, I'm going to set aside a little to buy myself something. I've wanted a heart rate monitor for, oh, about 2 years, so it's probably time.


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I'm glad your shoes are working out for you. And I would say you definitely deserve a heart rate monitor!

Love the pic! Have a great weekend!

Deborah said...

Way to go! Back when I could run, I found myself always doing little calculations after each time interval or each specified distance -- OK, now I'm 37.5% done! For whatever reason, the elliptical machine doesn't give nearly the same satisfaction as the treadmill or running outside, but you do what you can. The thing that's most gratifying about running is that you can set little but measurable performance goals from day to day (make your run intervals 10 seconds longer or .1 mph faster), and you can actually see the improvement. It seems like that's how you treat swimming, so I can see how you can make running appeal to that part of your brain in the same way.

Keep up the good work!

Nurse Zamy said...

I am SOOOOOOOOO proud of you! It is a seriously awesome feat to run!I've never been a runner, but when I push myself on the treadmill I am pleasantly surprised to find that I don't suck as a runner.
Anyhow, love the shoes..great shoes make all the difference especially with joint/back pain.

Keep up the good work chick!

Kim said...

Congrats on getting out there and getting it done!!! Awesome!!! :)

steffy said...

I just bought Polar F6 fitness monitor at and I love it. Tracks HR, Calories etc. Go buy one - it will help you get more out of your runs!!!

Kelly said...

Andrea, I think I deserve one too. :)

Deborah, thanks for the encouragement. Yeah, I think do the little calculations is definitely something I do with swimming. Now if I can just get as comfortable with running as I am with swimming, I'll be able to concentrate on that more. Right now I feel like I'm kind of uncoordinated with the running, but I'm sure I'll get it together after I do it for awhile. Are you not able to run at all now? I didn't realize that.

Amy, aw, thanks. I have never, ever been a runner, but I'm trying to convince myself I might like it.

Kim, thanks!

Steffy, I was actually looking at the F6. I love the green tea color. It's good to know that you like it. I was looking at the F11 too and trying to figure out what the big difference is between the two. Other than about $60.

Deborah said...

Yeah, I haven't really run at all since March of last year because of my stupid knee. Right now I'm trying to experiment with a variety of activities to alleviate boredom and to see what I can do. I did run and walk last Thursday for about a mile and a half total (about a mile of which was running), and my knee felt about the same as it usually does after a longer workout on the elliptical or the bike, so I may try bits of running once a week or so to see what I can handle.

Yesterday I did find a solution to the sore knee -- a kickboxing class! My calves and hamstrings are so sore today that I don't even notice anything with my knee.

Kelly said...

They offer a kickboxing class at my Y that I've been thinking about taking. Sounds fun and not a little scary.