Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Sugar

I have a friend who is becoming vegetarian not because of any ethical concerns, but because meat makes her feel awful. She tests herself periodically, and most recently eating meat made her feel lethargic and actually triggered some of her anxiety issues. We were talking last night and I mentioned to her how my body is the same way with simple carbohydrates. Whenever I wean myself off of sugar and white flour, I feel awful for the first couple of days, and then I feel amazingly good. After that, eating sugar makes me feel loopy and I always have a heavy crash afterward. Of course, if I eat enough of it my body gets used to it again and I don't notice the bad feeling because it's there at a low level pretty much constantly.

Then I mentioned how I had brownies in the oven for our craft night and we both laughed.

After that discussion, though, I realized I need to get back in that no simple carbs mode. Without really planning at all, today is day 1. I'm not doing South Beach, I'm just cutting out the simple carbs, and focusing as much as possible on protein, fruits and vegetables, which are the foods that make my body feel the best.

I find it interesting that my friend can get sick from eating meat, while I feel my best when I'm eating fish and chicken and limiting carbs. It's just further proof to me that everyone is very different and no one food plan works for everyone.

By the way, I'm feeling better this week. I'm trying to focus as much as possible on how good I feel when I'm eating right and working out, and not so much on the scale. Even though I just want to yell, "Go down, d**n you!!!" when I step on it lately, I'm working on finding that zen place in my head where it's really just a number.

This morning I did 30 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of elliptical. My Y must have gotten a big donation lately because they upgraded all their machines over the weekend. It took me a good 5 minutes to figure out the display screen, which is all computerized and fancy schmancy with animated trainers. I did a hill program where it takes you to different peaks around the world and has you climb, adjusting the resistance based on the trail. Even though I had my towel over the screen, I could tell when the path inclined upward because it got really tough. According to the program, I hiked 2.11 miles and climbed 2300 feet. I realize it's not REALLY like hiking, but since I love numbers I can now keep track of mileage AND feet climbed.


CINDER said...

Congrats on a great work out!
I avoid sugar as much as possible becuase of that I no longer have to take metphorin or glucophage!
Keep up that great mindset and you'll do AWESOME!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

You are so right, you need to do what works for YOU. We are all so different. (And this is so easy to forget...)

I'm glad you are not listening to the evil scale but focus on how you are feeling instead! That's what it's all about! :)

The new cardio machines sound like fun!

Sara said...

I have the exact same issue with sugar, but also with grains. A few months back, I went through a phase of eating little meat, lots of whole grains, veggies, and fruit...and I felt awful and kept gaining weight. Now I'm back to being a full-time carnivore and feeling great.