Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cable TV!

Tuesday night I went to the gym. I seem to have a chronic inability to pull myself out of bed this week so I ran over after work and before some of my friends showed up for our weekly craft night. I blame the mugginess for not being able to get up. I get tired just being.

Anyway, I believe I mentioned that they just put in new cardio equipment. WELL, now they have TVs attached to that cardio equipment. TV with cable! Jason and I made an executive decision to not pay for cable right after we got married almost 2 years ago (really? 2 years?!). I spied the TVs when I was weight lifting on Saturday, but since I swam afterward, I didn't get to do any viewing. I was really looking forward to a TLC or HGTV fix.

So the volume was broken on the first elliptical's TV. Hmmm. I got on another one, looked at the channel guide while warming up, picked my show, and tried to scroll to the channel. Only for some reason, this TV was not hooked up to the cable. I was already about 7 minutes into my workout and thought I would probably look like some TV-obssessed freak if I changed ellipticals again, so I stayed put. All around me I could see logos for HGTV and TLC and Bravo and the History channel. Next time I will check that there is cable first!

However, I must admit that the workout flies when I watch TV, even if I'm only watching bad Seinfeld* reruns. Plus, since I'm so completely distracted, I wind up working harder because I'm not so attuned to how hard I'm huffing and puffing and sweating. Tuesday night on the elliptical's hill program, I climbed 3100 feet.

* Yeah, I don't really get the whole Seinfeld thing. I suppose the show was new and inventive in that it was about nothing. But Jerry Seinfeld was a horrendous actor, the show wasn't really very funny, and every character was kind of a miserable person. Meh.


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Yes, cardio equipment with cable TV is awesome! My gym has it, but they only have a limited amount of channels - no TLC or HGTV. Nevertheless, working out is sooooo much more enjoyable when watching T.V., especially when you don't have cable at home!

Fat[free]Me said...

Tsk, there is no such thing as bad Seinfeld reruns, LOL!

Seriously, I signed up to my gym because I thought they had a better range of TV channels than they actually did have. Hrmph!