Monday, July 27, 2009


Sometimes logging all my information only serves to point out how frustrated I should be.

I ran a fitness report on SparkPeople on Friday. I have been working out for 17 weeks straight with no visible results in either weight or measurements or clothes fitting or anything*. Week before last I worked out 3 times, but the other 16 weeks, I worked out at least 4 times - usually 5 times per week was my average.

Where is the fairness?

Well, it just goes to show I'm not crazy.

I also looked at my nutrition reports and I've had some days where my eating wasn't stellar. But usually that was one meal when either we were on the road, or we went out special (Like, for instance, the past 2 weeks have been Restaurant Week here in Providence, and we went out a couple times because when else are we going to be able to afford to eat at the really posh places? Every time, though, I came away with leftovers from my entree AND my dessert). I honestly think if I printed off the last 4 months of reports and took them to a doctor, the only thing the doctor could say would be something like, "Well, maybe you shouldn't have had that dessert that one time. Maybe you shouldn't have eaten McDonald's on that road trip." These are valid points, however, even when I ate the dessert or ate the McDonald's, I still stayed within my calorie range. (Saturday being the one exception)

I told Jason all this and his response was, "What a downer." Yes. What a downer, indeed.

*Actually, I lie, I have had one (or two) visible results. Yesterday, I measured my thighs and they are both about a half inch smaller. So that's good news. That's the only measurement decrease though.


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I know this is easier said than done, but try not to focus on the numbers: How are you feeling? Does the exercise make you feel good (most of the time)? Do you enjoy cooking with the fresh produce from the Farm Share? Is it fun to experiment with new veggies?

Plus, the 1/2 inch (x2) is something to be proud of!!!

Have a good week! :)

Fat[free]Me said...

How odd and a bit of a downer indeed.

You are probably doing your body so much good though, you will definitely be benefiting in those immeausrable ways, especially in your health etc and that is a wonderful thing.

Decreasing thighs is a biggie, mine are still flippin huge (seeming to be losing from my head down, lol).

Keep on keeping on, those stats will go down soon!