Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Running Again

I ran again today. Then I posed the question to Facebook of when exactly does running become fun? It did not make me feel better when my former Marine, totally in shape cousin responded that the runner's high for him is really more of a "runner's relief" felt only after the run is finished.

I like the idea of running. It's like the walks I like to take through the neighborhood, only faster. But right now I feel kind of scared of next week, when I'll be running for longer than 60 second intervals. I'm totally in awe of anyone who can run for, say, 5 whole minutes.

Tonight when I get home from work I'll do Amy's Workout Wednesday that she just posted. It's all about bum exercises, and heaven knows, I can always use those.


Anonymous said...

I am a jogger... but I AM SLOW. WOW am I slow. I started jogging with my best friend (who jogs miles at a time and is a marathoner... eegaads!) and she had a book by John "the penguin" Bingham. He was an sedentary person who wanted to start running. he ran down his driveway and was out of breath so went home. The next day he ran a little farther down his street, then went home. Each day he went a little farther and now he's a marathoner!

While reading the book, he mentions for beginner runners, to go slow. I mean S-L-O-W!! No matter how many people are going past you....

Now this might not be for everyone since running harder = more calories burned. But for me, to allow myself the grace to keep jogging the entire time, i go slower, to keep my stamina up. As the days and weeks go on, I tend to get faster naturally.

Anyway, going that slow is really encouraging for me to keep jogging. because I'm not hating my jog and dying. instead I rather enjoy my jog (uh... kinda) and I can brag about jogging the ENTIRE time (at .0008 mph. hahahhaa).

So... I'm a slow jogger. :) But I go the entire time!

And I may not get a super high afterwards but I always feel more energetic. Or my body feels full of oxygen! Either way, I know I'm doing good for my body so I keep doing it. and through reading some of these blogs, I'm seeing that running burns the most calories!! I WANNA JOG TODAY! But... I caught a cold. I might irritate my cough. I guess I could walk. :)

Ok, I'm done with my blog entry on your comment section. LOL! :P

AnnekeS said...

I don't know that I would call running "fun" for me.

I tell people that I do it, so I can brag about it, and so that I can eat more.

But it kind of turns into an obsession... like your feet start itching to go for a good run, because you know at the end of the run you are going to feel completely awesome.

I won't lie. The first mile is always the worst. But once you get past that, and get in a zone, you feel like you can do anything. And that's why I run.

Fat[free]Me said...

Seriously, it does get easier and more enjoyable - I have to resist the urge to punch the air and shout when I complete a set as I don't want to make a fool of myself at the gym, lol!

Looking forward to reading how you get on next time!

Hallie said...

As I recall from my short-lived stints as a jogger - running isn't fun, at first... but then when you can maintain a jogging pace and hear your body enter a rhythm (it takes a while to get to this point) and it's a beautiful day - then it gets fun. Runner's high is a very real phenomenon - you feel in charge and at peace. And then you feel your body streamlining, and that's great, too. Just make sure you stretch every time, more than you think you need to. Stretch your heels, your calves and shins and your hip flexors. Those injuries can creep up on you without you realizing it.