Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cross Training

This week I'm making a big effort to cross train and not focus so much on swimming. Yesterday I walked to and from work, then shredded when I got home (76 degrees and about 60% humidity. I was soaked by the end.) This morning I did 20 minutes of weight lifting, then 25 minutes on the elliptical. If all of this doesn't start working, I might flip out a little.

I've been feeling kind of discouraged about swimming because Jason keeps telling me anecdotes from his scientist colleagues that you can't lose weight swimming. It's kind of funny since he's usually all about wanting the scientific proof and yet he and the other science-type guys are speaking strictly from anecdotes. I have heard before that people don't lose weight swimming. However, I lost the initial 35 pounds a few years ago swimming. And the last couple of years I've lost 15 pounds each year primarily through swimming. (Then I slacked off for 4-5 months and gained it all back).

A lady on SparkPeople had an idea that maybe there's something off in my body now that wasn't a problem a year ago. Maybe it's just a slowed down metabolism, or maybe it's something more. Women on both sides of my family have had thyroid issue, but I've always tested normal. I think if I don't start seeing results from the cross training in a month or so I'll get some bloodwork done.


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Great job cross training!!!! :)

I'm not sure I believe that you can't lose weight swimming... :) However, I do think that our bodies get used to the same exercise very quickly and just don't respond the same anymore. In other words, it takes less effort to swim, so you use fewer calories... (I have been really bad about doing pretty much the same thing at the gym every week, and I know I HAVE to change things up - But it's hard....)

I would give the "cross training thing" a month. But then I think you should really get things checked out. You just never know...

In the meantime, enjoy what you are doing! Are you (overall) having fun shredding? Or should you try another DVD? Do you enjoy your walks? Would you enjoy adding some more time to your walks? How about the weights at the gym? Which ones do you enjoy most?

Again, don't forget to have FUN! :)

Kelly said...

Andrea, I am actually really enjoying the variety of workouts. The shredding is tough, but I feel strong when I finish it. Walking and the elliptical are great because I can take the time to listen to my health and fitness podcasts.

It is tough to get out of a rut, but so far I'm liking it.