Monday, January 21, 2013

Recipe: Spiced Chickpeas

We got a package of coupons from our local grocery store that included recipes for the couponed items.  Surprisingly, I actually wanted to make a couple of them.  I made this one for spiced chickpeas tonight.  Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.  Yum!

Spiced Chickpeas

1 can (15.5 oz) / 1 2/3 C. chickpeas
1 1/2 T. olive oil
1/2 t. paprika
Dash of cayenne pepper
1/4 t. cumin
3/4 t. garlic powder
1/2 t. salt

Preheat oven to 400 F.  Drain, rinse and pat dry chickpeas.  Combine olive oil and spices in bowl.  Add chickpeas and stir until coated with spiced olive oil.  Bake on baking sheet for 25-30 minutes, stirring chickpeas every 10 minutes to cook evenly.  Remove from oven and enjoy!

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Andrea said...

I used to make spiced chickpeas but had totally forgotten about them! I'll have to make them again!