Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 26 - Flu For Reals (+ More Cookies)

Yesterday was a lost day for me.  I didn't go to work and I couldn't even get on my computer I felt like such crud.  My temperature got up to 101 (which is kind of like 103 for me since my normal temperature is about 2 degrees below 98.6).

Paleo flew out the window since I was craving bland, brown foods, when I actually felt like eating, which wasn't that often.  I slept most of the day.  Jason stayed home again too since he still wasn't feeling so hot, and was at my beck and call, which was nice.  He made me oatmeal with maple and brown sugar for breakfast, and fetched whatever else I needed for the rest of the day.

I'm feeling much better today.  I had a light fever when I woke up, but I think it's gone now.  I still have a wracking cough and I'm very weak.  I made us breakfast this morning and had to keep sitting down to recover from walking across the room.  All I want to do today is hang out in bed, but Jason is getting antsy, so he's downstairs installing our new mail slot, even though he's still coughing too.

I did manage to make us some more Paleo chocolate chip cookies this morning.  

We ate the first batch already (the recipe only makes 10 or so).  And, yes, I said "we".  Jason likes them too!  No flour, eggs or butter and they taste pretty fab.  They're even good dunked in milk!

I'm mad at the flu for ruining our Restaurant Week plans.  We planned to go to two restaurants, including our favorite Italian place on Federal Hill with friends on Friday.  However, I commented to Jason that at least we were sick on the coldest days of the year and not on some bright sunny lovely summer days.  It's not like we could go kayaking or to the beach today, anyway.  Might as well camp out in bed playing Lego Star Wars.

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