Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 13 - Corn

Weird subject line, right?  Basically, I had some corn yesterday.  I also had maybe 8 or 9 ounces of Diet Dr. Pepper.

Jason and I went to the Boston Celtic Music Festival yesterday, which is always a fun time.  There are so many talented musicians in Boston!  They celebrated their 10th anniversary this year, and we figured we've been to 6 or 7 of them (not positive what year we started going...)  During the intermission for the closing concert last night, we had a fascinating conversation about Gaelic linguistics with an expert.  You don't get that every day.

In between the daytime sessions and the evening concert, we headed over to a Mexican restaurant with some friends for dinner.  I was starving and didn't even pause before diving into the chips and salsa.  Hours before, I had made Jason and I a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs with turkey and feta, and I ate a Lara Bar mid-afternoon, but that was all I had eaten. I ordered fish tacos, which came with a side salad, mango salsa and half a grilled avocado, instead of the usual rice and beans.  Yum!

I also made sure to get corn tortillas instead of the usual flour.  I've been tweaking my own low-carb plan for so long, that I've had the opportunity to observe what makes me feel the worst.  Sugar and wheat are no good.  Corn and rice are tolerable, if I'm going to have a splurge.

As for the Diet Dr. Pepper...  Yeah, that wasn't ideal.  But the evening concert ran really late and I drove the hour home.  Then I had to finish a talk I gave in church this morning.  Since I haven't had caffeine in almost 2 weeks, those few ounces of soda were enough to keep me conscious until 2 AM.  At which point, I crashed.

And honestly, I'm fine with yesterday.  I'm a big believer in the 80/20 rule.  The goal is to be 80% on plan, and to leave yourself 20% in wiggle room.  While I'm trying to lose weight, I'd rather be closer to 90/10, honestly, but the point is, a little digression isn't going to destroy my efforts.

Today I'm back on plan and doing well.  Even with the chips and tortillas last night, my carbs came in for the day right around 100g, with my net carbs at about 80g.  I didn't have a carb hangover this morning, and I think part of that is because I really didn't eat THAT many carbs, and I was careful to eat only carbs that I know I can tolerate.

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