Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Day 2

I thought about going to strength training this morning, but I'm going to let the carb detox finish beforehand.  My plan is to go to Friday morning's class.

This morning I got up and dutifully scrambled eggs to bring for breakfast, and packed some black-eyed peas and a small salad for lunch.  Then I left it all on the chair next to the front door.


So instead for breakfast I had the innards of a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich from Starbucks and I'm just about to run out and buy a salad for lunch.  This is after I was so pleased with myself for shopping yesterday so I wouldn't have to pay exorbitant amounts for what is basically just a pile of lettuce.

Oh well, at least I've managed to stay on plan.  And tomorrow is another day!

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