Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 17 - So Sweet. So, So Sweet

This week is Restaurant Week in Providence and I have a friend who I always go out to lunch with during Restaurant Week.  Lunch is a starter, entree and dessert for $14.95.  Not too shabby considering that we went to The Capital Grille today, which I never go to during the rest of the year because it is way too expensive.  Like, $50 for a petite filet expensive.

I was looking forward to it because I love their flourless chocolate cake and I figured I would have a little as my dessert.  I had a nice salad to start, salmon and asparagus for my entree, and then the cake.

I think I had 4 little bites and I was DONE.  I had the rest boxed up and I'm bringing it home to Jason.  Not only was it so sweet and rich that I couldn't finish it, but as I walked back to the office afterward, I could feel my brain buzzing.*

*This is the medical term.

Only 16 full days without sweets and I am already super-sensitive to sugar. 

You know what else?  I didn't even WANT the bread in the bread basket.  My thought process went something like this:  Bread! -> wheat -> migraine and cloudy afternoon head -> NO THANK YOU.

I can't guarantee that will always be my thought process, but it seems like some of these lessons I've learned are finally sinking in.

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Andrea said...

In case you are wondering, I am reading your post backwards, but you have probably figured that out by now... :)

I'm doing a cleanse right now and have eliminated sugar and gluten (among other things), and I feel a lot better. I have quite severe digestive problems, which I have always contributed to my gallstones. But it looks like a lot of it is food-related.

Sounds like a good lunch!