Tuesday, January 01, 2013

For the Millionth Time, Day 1

Yesterday was a good reminder for me of why I need to change the way I'm doing things.  I had a migraine. A completely debilitating thing that started Sunday evening and didn't completely go away until late last night. The nausea-inducing pain subsided a little earlier in the evening so I at least got to have a nice dinner in and watch a movie with Jason, but overall it was a wasted day.  Then I felt ill all night because I had popped too many pain pills and my stomach did not appreciate it.

I was supposed to go to work for a half day yesterday and then trot over to the grocery store to stock up on veggies and chicken so that I could plan my healthy meals over the next few weeks.  Then I was supposed to be a scintillating companion last night as Jason and I rang in the new year together.


I woke up this morning and weighed and measured myself.  Holy cow, that was depressing!  My weight is extremely out of control and I've gained back almost all the weight I worked so hard to lose several years ago.

But at least I know where I'm starting from for real, so when I do make improvements, I'll know exactly how much progress I'm making.

I scrambled some eggs for breakfast and put the black-eyed peas on to cook.  I just checked the grocery store websites and they're all open so I'll be heading out soon.  While I feel bad for the employees who have to work today, I'm glad I get a grocery store trip do-over, since I was out of commission yesterday.

Happy New Year everyone!

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