Thursday, February 11, 2010

Personal Timeline

I'm holding steady at 5 pounds down. That's taking into consideration a little pop up at the beginning of the week thanks to my carbtastic weekend. I'm actually pretty impressed that I've lost weight without even working out at all. Not that I advocate this and I know that if I want to keep losing, I need to work out, but it's still nice to feel overall like I am in control of my food and that I'm eating well.

Yesterday we had the Incredible Blizzard That Wasn't! Talk about a letdown. While all my friends in DC, Virginia and Maryland are getting absolutely slammed by the snow, we have yet to see a decent snowfall since January 1. We are in New England, yes?

However, our office was closed (boss is out of town and I got to make the executive decision. Executive decision made: me and the secretary get to stay home!) so I slept in and worked from home and hung out with Jason, who left work at 1ish because it was actually snowing at that point and we thought it was only going to get worse.

This morning I was listening to a Cut the Fat podcast on my way into work about the National Weight Loss Registry and I realized that I could probably be a part of the Registry. You have to have lost at least 30 pounds and maintained the loss for 1 year. Well, I've lost and kept off 40 pounds since 2006. Granted, my timeline has been a little wobbly, but that's a solid fact I can point to. And really, I've been down 30 pounds since about 2004 so I qualify anyway. My timeline is as follows:

2001: highest weight - 235. Eeek! That was a yucky doctor's visit. My doctor was perfectly nice; the yucky part was seeing that number when they weighed me.

2003: Get down to 210ish

2004: start anti-depressants, get my life back, feel like actually doing stuff. In between Spring 2004 and Summer 2005 I get down to 180-185.

Then we start the bouncey years:

2006: Back up to 205 (sucks not having health insurance for over a year)

2007: Start year at 195, get married in October at 185. Then begins the time of being comfortable with my new husband and eating lots of treats.

2008: Start year at 195, down to 178 by Fall.

2009: Start year at 192, down to 188. AKA The Year of No Weight Loss

2010: Start year at 191, currently at 186. This is the year of resetting the set point because I'm sick of bouncing around 190.

It's interesting to take stock of where I've been. It's also nice to see that I have made progress. Maybe I'm not where I want to be right this second, but my physical and emotional health is so incredibly better than it was 8 or 9 years ago, it's ridiculous. I'm grateful for that and grateful that I feel the motivation to keep improving my health.


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

YES, you have made LOTS of progress!!! It's so easy not to take credit for our accomplishments...

Donna said...

You really have achieved a great deal--it's not easy to lose *and* keep off weight for so long!

Just curious: How often do you weigh yourself? Any particular time of day that you do it?

Kelly said...

Andrea, it is easy to overlook our own accomplishments. So true.

Donna, I usually weigh myself every morning before eating or drinking anything to get an idea of where I am. I think it's probably more healthy to do it once a week.

Donna said...

Agree, but it's hard not to weigh oneself everyday...

My friend Tara went on WW and lost a ton of weight--she always weighed herself on Wednesday morning, because she would inevitably splurge on the weekend. Makes sense, but I don't have that self-control yet!