Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh, Jillian...

Well, Jillian Michaels, who I honestly had a lot of respect for, really sold out and started endorsing diet pills. To her detriment.

The sad thing is, yesterday morning I was listening to one of her radio shows from 2007* and a girl called in asking about B-12 supplements and diet pills, which she had taken before to lose weight. Jillian recommended good old eating less and moving more. She said she's done research and from what she can tell taking B-12 won't hurt you since it doesn't become toxic in high amounts (like Vitamin A, for example). Then she said NO diet pills. No. No. No. Diet pills are a scam at best, and harmful at worst.

Oh well.

*Since she's off the air now, I'm listening to the podcasts from before I even knew she had a radio show.


Weighting Around said...

I think Jillian is right. It all boils down to that simple equation - taking in less than you are burning off.

David said...

Jillian worked with experts to create her supplements. SHe didn't want to recommend any becuase they had sugar and other chemicals she did not want to endorse.

You can hear her talk about them when she released them at

and you can read her response to being sued over the supplements not working at

Supplements are something that can BOOST your Exercises and Diet regiments. Not replace.