Thursday, February 18, 2010

Muscle Soreness Weight Gain

Do you gain weight when you push yourself particularly hard? When you're sore and your muscles need to recover?

Based on my stellar eating this week and my adding the regular working out into the mix, I'm going to blame the working out on my 4 pound weight gain. I really don't think I've eaten 14,000 extra calories in the past few days.

However, yesterday my right inner thigh was screaming at me. Apparently a few sets of liffing 75 pounds with the hip abductors is too much for rightie over there. My left thigh was a bit sore too, but the right one was the worst. So much so, that I took some pain relievers and sat on the heating pad for a bit last night, which soothed it a little. Today, it's still kind of sore.

My point is, I've heard that the whole process of muscle repair can make you retain water immediately following workouts. Has anyone read anything official about this effect? Like with citations to studies and such? I've found some anecdotal support, but nothing concrete yet.


Weighting Around said...

I invite you to check out my post about some of the causes for the scale's numbers. He (and it IS a he) sure doesn't always tell the truth as far as I am concerned. You'll find it at

purple_moonflower123 said...

When you lift weights and get muscle soreness, it does make you retain water. Drink lots of water and in a few days, the water weight will go away.