Monday, February 08, 2010

Oh, the Weekend

So the weekend wasn't stellar in the healthy living department, I'll admit. It wasn't absolutely horrible either, but I definitely ate more carbs than I wanted to, beginning with the bread basket at The Cheesecake Factory. Rule number 1, of course, is don't go anywhere starving. Jason and I woke up really late on Saturday and decided to have a late lunch/early dinner out because I had to pick the girls from church up for a youth dance at 6 PM.

By the time we figured out where we wanted to go and got showered and everything, I was famished. I thought about eating something to tide me over, but didn't. So we get there, wait 20 minutes because even though it's 2:30 PM, it's crowded, and then wait another 15 minutes or so while our waitress decides if she's actually going to come over and talk to us (once she did, she was great, but for awhile there I was wondering if we got lost in the shuffle). Then we got the bread, which was hot and warm from the oven. I figured I would have 1, maybe 2 little slices, but I had several more than that.

I had half a big salad and took the other half home and, no, we did not get cheesecake. So there's a small victory.

Also, because we woke up so late, we did not go to the gym. Sigh.

Yesterday was the Super Bowl and we went over to a friend's house to watch the game. Since she is also doing her own healthy living thing, the snacks and dinner she prepared were definitely on the healthy side - but I ate too many corn ships with the guacamole.

Anyway, today I'm back down to business. All in all, my eating wasn't too bad, just not where I wanted it to be. In reality, my overall calories over the weekend were pretty low, so I don't think a few handfuls of corn chips will kill me.

You know what, though? I was CRAVING protein. I think my body just likes running on protein.

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