Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Low Carb

I know I say this every time I cut the carbs out, but it's amazing to me how much my body does not like the refined carbs. In the last 2 days I've lost 3.2 pounds. I know it's all water weight because carbs make me hold onto water (as they do a lot of people). I also know because I feel less bloated and, um, have been making many trips to the restroom throughout the day.

The good news for me is that I haven't even been extreme about it. South Beach Phase 1 knocks out all carbs, including fruit. However, I've had an apple every day for the past two days. Also, I made a pork chop recipe last night that used a little bit of whole wheat flour as a "breading". Also, I put honey in my plain Chobani*. Still fine. I think the lesson for me is, fruit is fine in moderation, even high-glycemic fruit like apples, and a little whole grain here and there is fine, but no refined carbs definitely, and low carb generally.

* Maybe you can eat plain yogurt without anything, but I cannot. I had some yogurts to finish off and honey seemed like a pretty innocuous way to go.

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Donna said...

Did not know that carbs help you retain water. Huh.

Apples may be high in sugar, but it's "good" sugar--and they're also high in fiber. I dunno why, but fiber seems to really help me with weight loss (or WW really did a number on me a few years ago, when I was counting "points").

Anyway, I think choosing an apple (and a bit of honey for your yogurt) is great! Keep up the good work!