Sunday, February 14, 2010


FYI, when your body isn't used to simple carbs, eating them makes you feel like crap.

Today we had a church activity in Massachusetts and then the bishop took us all out to Bertucci's for late lunch/early dinner. Hello, Bertucci rolls! Also, since he was paying and just ordered a bunch of pizzas, I didn't really feel like I could be all high-maintenance and order a salad.

Then we came home and I baked some heart-shaped sugar cookies for Jason and to hand out to the Young Women tomorrow. And I ate a few.

Now I feel AWFUL. Need to remember next time, one roll and one cookies will satiate me AND keep me from feeling yucky.

At least I worked out this morning. That's something.


Weighting Around said...

Now I understand the bleh! So keep away from the Valentine's Day candy but have a Happy Valentine's Day. Maybe next time you'll opt opt the salad?

Kelly said...

Yeah,I'm already on good track for today and will be healthy. I didn't feel like a salad was really an option since I wasn't paying and didn't want to inconvenience anyone. Which sounds kind of lame now, but oh well. It felt like either, I eat what's there or I eat nothing and I was really hungry. Next time I will do my best to remember that immediate gratification is not worth the cruddy feeling afterward!