Friday, February 26, 2010

Favorite Fish?

What kind of fish do you like best? Preferably in the reasonably-priced category.

Usually we eat salmon. However, now that Costco salmon has reached a price level that we're just not comfortable paying, I'm looking for options. (Though I'll still stock up on salmon if it's on sale near me)

I've tried tilapia. Not really a fan. Maybe I'm making it wrong, but it just kind of tastes dirty to me. Our grocery store has things like frozen haddock, mackerel, pollock, etc. What's good?

Of course, I would LOVE to get snapper and tuna and swordfish, but again we get into the price thing. I'm always looking for a way to eat healthy without spending a fortune.


nicole said...

I'm not a huge fan of fish... but I'll eat halibut on occasion. And I have a great recipe I'll dig up for you next time I'm in Tucson.

Donna said...

Dang. Just how much *is* Costco salmon these days?

I have been buying frozen wild salmon filets at Trader Joe's lately. It's still expensive (say, about $7-8 for 2 filets) but I don't mind buying it from time to time.

All the more reason to go vegetarian, I guess...

MB said...

I usually stick with haddock if I can't afford the lobster ;)

Tenacious-K said...

A better white fish than tilapia is wild Pacific Mahi-Mahi which I get at Costco in a three-pound bag for around $15. This is a good deal portion-control wise as the bag contains single-serving 3-4 oz. fillets in separate packages so you can get out what you need without them frozen together. It has a nice texture and a better flavor than tilapia which I find rather bland no matter how you cook it. Bon appetite!